Lieutenant Governor Visit

In his capacity as Honorary Patron, His Honour was pleased to host a reception for the Board and Volunteers of the Mission to Seafarers at Government House on the evening of 7 April 2016.

Please see link to view photos of the enjoyable evening!

Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia

During his remarks His Honour said, “Most Canadians do not understand the loneliness of being a seafarer and the poor living conditions that many crew members from lesser developed nations endure. This is where the Mission to Seafarers is

so vital in providing services and a degree of comfort that serves to make a career at sea more bearable.” He went on to say, “I am proud to be the Honorary Patron of an organization that provides support at any hour, of any day, to seafarers arriving in Halifax who may be in need of assistance. Your simple yet highly beneficial services do make a difference. Whether it’s providing a place of respite away from the ship, or providing computer services that allow sailors to stay in touch with loved ones, or a shoebox of much needed personal supplies, or spiritual comfort, all these things make a difference and eases the challenge of a life at sea