About the Mission

Loneliness, danger and separation from loved ones are just some of the challenges that seafarers face every day.

Mission to Seafarers Halifax

Mission to Seafarers Halifax

The Halifax Mission to Seafarers is a Canadian non-profit charity. As part of a worldwide network of Anglican sponsored Missions, the Halifax Mission offers seafarers help and support when their ships arrive in port.  Year after year, the Mission provides seafarers a special place of respite from their ships.  Their days at sea are long and demanding and loneliness is common.

Under the guidance of our mission manager and seafarer coordinator, our volunteers provide a warm welcome where seafarers can relax away from their ships, get local information, find help with problems, share in worship, and phone or email their loved ones.

Our Mission provides an interdenominational chaplaincy ministry of practical, emotional and spiritual support to all seafarers passing through our port, regardless of faith or background.

 Please call for details on upcoming events:      Annual Christmas Luncheon – December 12th, 2018 at the Cunard Centre